7 Creative Ways To Write A Blog Post

In this digital world, blogging is the best way to keep in touch with your audience. The more businesses are getting themselves registered on the internet, the more they are in need of good bloggers who can represent their business in the best words. There are many creative ways to write a blog post. Let’s check out 7 Creative Ways to Write a blog post

Creative Ways to write a blog post

These blogs not only drive the human eye towards their business but also helps websites to get top position on Google search engine result page (SERP). That is why blogging is becoming one of the most budding professions around the globe. Still, blogging hasn’t gotten acclamation from academic institutes which is why the digital world is short of good bloggers in quantity.

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To counter such issues, veteran bloggers like me always stand up to help the newbie of this profession through these blogs in which they can educate themselves about writing a blog post for any website.

The biggest problem with young bloggers is that they are always mixed-up their vocabulary and fail to understand the different needs of the blogs. Another issue is the lack of vocabulary that makes them monotonous blogger who uses the same words even if she has to write about different things.

For such people, enhancing their vocabulary is the initial step to getting into the real game. However, this blog will teach you those seven creative ways which made many newbie bloggers like you into present’s top-notch bloggers.

7 Creative Ways To Write A Blog Post

Here, I am going to show you how to write a blog post and enhance good user experience and increase the readability of your blog. By implementing the below methods you can increase the creativity of your blog post.

1. Know The Platform:

Before writing anything, you should be informed where your blog is going to publish. This gives you the idea of how you can mold your words that can match the standards of the blogging website. You should first analyze other blogs mainly those who are mentioned on its home page just to know the sensitivity of words and the tons of it so you can use the same things on your blog too. It doesn’t matter how confident you are in your writing skills. You have to work according to the publishing guidelines of the platform to get your blog listed on the internet.

Some publishers like to have long blogs regardless of its quality. One of the reasons behind such a strategy is to get maximum content on their website so they can get the top rankings on Google SERP. Some publishers believe in having quality content to build a reputation about their websites in the blogging circles. For such type of publishers, you need to be very precise in choosing words for your blog.

2. Know the Audience:

Writing without knowing your audience is like shooting in the dark. How can you write traffic or lead-driven words without knowing about the psychology of your audience? You should be aware of every detail about your audience like their psychographs, age, ethnicity, location, and other important stuff which you believe can help you in writing a better blog. The reason behind this is to get your audience as close as possible, so their mind starts generating a feeling of familiarity which leads them to take some action. Remember! The more traffic or leads you generate from your blogs, the better blogger you will be considered.

3. Plan it before writing:

Before writing any blog, every step you take should be well designed to achieve the best of it. From the seed of the idea till re-checking it thoroughly, everything should be planned. I have seen many bloggers talking about the concept of any blog and then ending up publishing it after a couple of weeks. It doesn’t matter how fast you can write and how good you are in your vocabulary, the thing that matter is the time you spend on any blog. The best of doing all this planning is that it will not slow down your productivity and perhaps helps you to write your blog post with excellent efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Use Headlines:

Using headlines in your blog is the best way to give your reader an idea that what is going to come next in this blog. But using too many headlines can murder your blog. For instance.

You are writing a blog about a particular car and you start using every parts name of that car as your headline can make your audience read only the details of a part of their interest. This means even after getting a visitor on your blog, you failed to make him read all of your blogs just because of a single headline. Using headlines in a proper position is important to get the maximum result out of your blog.

5. Write in a short bust or in a single sitting:

If you want to be a good blogger or write an excellent blog post, you should be your examiner first. You should know about yourself and your ability of writing. You should know that are you a blogger who can write thousand-plus words in a single sitting or can give your best in writing in the short bust.

Blogging has always been the race between time and quality words. By writing a blog in a single sitting can save some time for you but finding comfort in writing in short bust can get the quality content out of you.

6. Smart use of keywords:

Writing for clients can be a daunting task when he hands you over some keywords which should be placed in your blog. Now being a writer it is your duty to use these keywords smartly in your blog so neither the Google spider count it as spam nor the reader gets annoyed due to the keywords.

7. Editing part:

After writing the conclusion or final words of your blog, now it is the time to polish it more. While re-reading your blog, you should read it as your audience just to identify what are the things that he or she would like or what part will disturb him. Many of the bloggers recommend reading your blog loud but in my opinion, let your heart do all the reading stuff, and your mind does all the writing stuff is better than using any other sense.


All of these tips or methods vary through different means. There is no hard and fast rule in blogging which is why you will find many creative ways to write a blog post on the internet. For any queries or question, the comment box is open for you

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