10 Quick Ways to Create Backlinks to your Website like Pro

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So, are you looking to create backlinks to your website with ease?

Yes, you should go for it, as backlinks are one of the top ranking factors. Although, there are many ways which do the job efficiently.

According to the recent survey, the usage of internet has reached the peak across the globe. From education to entertainment, online platforms are considered to be the best thing to utilize in every aspect in recent days.

Generally, when it comes to rolling over the sites, we could find a lot of contents are getting ready to offer information.

If you are the one who is getting motivated over the business online through websites and personal blogs, then you are very much aware of adding the keywords.

One should keep it in mind that behind the content; a lot of hidden secrets are bringing organic traffic to your websites.

This is the thing where every individual person who involved in websites for business knows about it and follows according to it.

To utilize it in a better way, most of the people are progressing over dominant SEO tool to make it even better. However, some of the SEO experts are starting to claim that the keywords are considered to be outdated.

Here are few quick ways to create backlinks quickly in an ethical way, and staying away from any search engine penalty.

Create Backlinks to Your Website with Ease

At this stage, the experts are going towards the high-quality Backlinks free for their websites to get better rankings.

But, if you are the one who is the beginner but want to create backlinks quickly, then this could be the right place for you to make use of it.

1. Forum and Blog comments

It is the best platform where you can utilize to answer for the post over the respective topic or get a chance to suggest the answer from your side in case if the post doesn’t cover the topic completely.

If you get to see the other reader who queried for the post, you can also comment on that by sharing your answer. At this condition, you can utilize to share the summarized answer and the end with a proper link to the article.

2. Testimonials

This thing considered to be the common thing where most of the companies try to show the testimonials which are received from clients.

Usually, most of the sites have their testimonial page. Make sure to check out which are the sites not have a testimonial page.

If not then spend some time over providing the positive review and your experience of using the product.

You could see that most of the sites have feedback feature or inclusion of an email account for testimonials on the contact page.

Now, you don’t want to ask further for the link. Once if you are proven as a real person, then every single time they include without asking for a link.

3. Social Media Links

It will mainly play the crucial role in terms of creating backlinks. This is useful for the people while sharing the content from your site and view themselves.

It is essential to keep it in mind that the profiles must be included with a link back to the site. Make sure to update the content regularly.

4. Fixing Broken Links

There will be chances of domain shut down if the links are failed miserably. However, with the usage of tools like Broken link finder, it will help to scan the page and find the bad connections.

Then you can proceed over connecting with webmaster and query whether your site overcome with broken links.

5. Link to others

One can follow over placing the links in the content to the other relevant web pages. For instance, those who monitor the Google analytics can get a chance of seeing the traffic which is being routed to the pages.

Thus the tools can show the links from your site. Also, you can easy to find that how many people have added the link to your site as considered as a trusted source.

6. Guest posts

When it comes to writing the guest posts on the blogs related to a respective niche will help to build quality links to your website in the most ethical way.

This could be the best way for you to follow in terms of writing the guest post for the respective website and also get a link. There are plenty of websites which can help you out in publishing your article on their platform.

You can easily find these kinds of sites while having a Google search. Okay! let me help you out with few of the queries.

your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
your keyword + guest-article
your keyword + guest-posts
your keyword + guest post by
your keyword + submit an article
your keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
your keyword + become a contributor
your keyword + contribute
your keyword + become an author

Such queries will certainly land you to few best blogs, where you can submit your thoughts with ease. As you are choosing the website, so it would be best relevant with your own niche and authoritative.

7. Info-graphics

It is said to be one of the best techniques to use in terms of offering the movement of your website which leads to increasing the backlinks.

Generally, most of the people are looking for visual information; this is the reason that the info-graphics have getting expanded widely.

8. Spy on competitive websites

It is essential for you to spy on rival sites for all the time and know their following procedures compulsory.

All you need to keep on the rivals through web-based networking media and then make sure to search for the third party acquiring as well as referencing strategies.

9. Contribute

This is the way where you can obtain backlinks by providing to the charitable associations. This kind of strategy will stand out in a better way.

All you need to explore the sites in your field that leads to acknowledging the gifts as well as connecting back to the locales which have given.

It is essential for you to present the respective measure of the gift you want to make and create the site URL.

10. Site Aggregation

You could witness that some of the sites are mainly set up to aggregate website content which is very helpful in terms of creating backlinks.

Did You, if you don’t know what am I talking about, then let me give you examples of few of the popular and best content aggregator sites.

  • AllTop.com
  • BlogEngage.com
  • BlogRama.com
  • BloKube.com
  • BizSugar and more

Thus the aggregate sites will help to collect the information from other sites across the internet and lead to locating the best content in the respective categories.


These are some of the exciting strategies where you can follow when it comes to knowing the query how to create backlinks to your website for free in a professional way. If the quality links are available, then it will help to boost the traffic and create awareness about the website.

10 Quick Ways to Create Backlinks to your Website like Pro
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