If you have great content and want to publish it on our blog then you are most welcome to our blog. At Webmartnet we encourage aspirants bloggers to share their content on our blog.

We work with our guest authors as a team and help them to spread the content online. Webmartnet is one of the fastest-growing internet Marketing and Tech blogs which covers the latest topics on Blogging, Technology, SEO, and WordPress. We also frequently post tips and tricks as well which will help our readers.

Before I will brief things for you. I will suggest you visit our homepage and see some of our articles and categories to get an idea about what type of articles we publish in our blog. This will help you to craft a good post for our blog.

We are looking for Guest Post in Following Categories:

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Business
  • WordPress
  • Technology
  • Marketing
  • Make Money
  • Marketing
  • Social Media

What are the requirements of the Guest Post for our Blog?

We have certain requirements for a guest post. Which will help us to maintain the quality of our blog and give our readers a fruitful and informative post? To submit a guest post, you must have to follow some of the guidelines below.

1. Article Must be unique, relevant, and have at least 1500+ words. Your article must be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Do not submit copied or spun content.

2. We accept articles that are written briefly. To make your article more user-friendly you can use bullet points to highlight your points. Add an image to your posts. Keep your paragraph short, etc.

3. Articles created solely for getting backlinks only will be rejected by us. You have to add value to the content.

4. We respect others’ work. So, don’t submit copyrighted materials like images or anything, If necessary make proper attributes to your images.

5. Add at least one image with your post. An image speaks a thousand words.

6. We reserve the right to edit and modify your Guest post as per our needs.

7. When your article gets published on your blog, It becomes the property of webmartnet.com. You cannot publish the post anywhere else.

8. We allow links to the article, however, it will be relevant to the article and have added some extra information. Whilst We do not allow affiliate links or malicious URLs in posts.

9. You are allowed to add a maximum of 2 links per article. Your links must be relevant to the topic. Links will be nofollow.

10. The article must be relevant to our blog topics. Not relevant content cannot be published. You can write any topics which cover our blog’s category like Technology, Internet marketing, Affiliate marketing, Social media, blogging, and so on.

11.  We do not allow an author bio for the post. However, if you have a gravatar email with your original photo then we can add your author bio below your post. This is mandatory to qualify for an author’s bio.

These are some of the few guidelines you need to follow to submit a guest post on our blog. Failing to comply with the guidelines will reject your article.

How to Submit a guest post?

To submit a guest post you have to simply ready up your article and send it to us at [email protected]  we will verify your article and upon successful verification, we will publish it on our blog. This usually takes 3 to 4 days but in some cases takes a week. A confirmation email will be sent to your email regarding the status of your article and whether it will be accepted or rejected.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the Guest post Or Want to submit a Sponsored Post, Feel free to contact us.